Monday Q&A

Here’s another Q&A post for you lovelies, inspired by Karen.  How was your weekend?  Feel like doing a Q&A too – comment below or link your blog!


1.  How often do you venture out of your makeup comfort zone?

Not that often. If y’all don’t know, I work in the corporate world by day. This is just my nighttime jam! My day job is pretty conservative and I’m dressed up most of the time, so my makeup has to project professionalism in tandem with my attire. I’d love to rock some serious eye looks and hone my skills even further, but I’d also like to keep my job. When I get the chance, though, you better believe my weekend looks are out of this world {yup. I just used that phrase}.


2.    What’s a makeup, skin care or hair care product that’s been rocking your world lately?

Argan Oil. Namely, this product from Organix. It’s less than $10 at the drugstore and I use it on my face and my hair. It keeps both of them smooth and wrinkle free! I love it. And you can’t beat the price.


3.  What are you wearing on your nails right meow?

Just have my French mani done at the nail salon, but Essie’s Damsel in a Dress is on my toes.


4.   When you take breaks during the workday (I hope you take breaks), do you like to take them with someone else, or do you prefer to spend the time alone?

Hmmm….good question. Am I allowed to say it depends on what I need to get done or how I’m feeling? Coffee breaks – I generally take them with other people, and the same goes for lunch. I don’t like eating lunch alone in public {only child complex, anyone?}. If I’m running a set of errands or shopping for something specific, I almost always prefer to go alone. I just think I can get it done faster on my own and not have to stop and dilly dally and walk at a slower pace {yeah I’m a speed walker}.


5.     Someone you admired when you were a kid?

I was a super fan of Jodie Sweetin, aka Stephanie Tanner from Full House. I think my mom even sent out a letter to her and got an autographed postcard in return. That thing sat on my bookshelf until it yellowed, or I was too embarrassed to keep it up, not sure which one it was! She’s had a few, um, issues in her adult life, and a little meth problem, so….there’s that…and I’m not such a super fan anymore!







Mid-Week Random Q’s

I hope you all liked my first Q&A post.  These posts are a fun way for you to get to know me, and for me to {hopefully} get to know some of my followers.

Karen posts these polls each Monday, and while I won’t follow suit each week, I’ll throw a few of these in here and there to split up the bloggity beauty goodness {I made that up.  Can you tell?}.  Check out Karen’s site here for some insanely helpful and detailed reviews alongside her weekly polls.  Let’s get on with the good stuff now, shall we?

1.    Are you more polished or punk rock? 

Polished. 110% polished all the way. I odn’t knock those who like a little punk rock {I have a little edge to me, too! A few piercings and 9 tattoos!}, but my personal style is most certainly polished.

2.   Houndstooth or Leopard Print? 

If I could turn almost everything I own to have a leopard print pattern on it, I would. I guess that shows you my preference, huh? I have leopard print shoes, I’m currently wearing leopard slippers. I have no less than 4 leopard scarves, and am currently on the hunt for leopard print Nikes {if you know where to get those, help a girl out in the comments}. I also have a leopard print serving dish and a leopard print hairbrush. I also try to incorporate leopard in to my VERY conservative corporate wardrobe. It’s a problem.

3.   Bun or braids?

I like both, but tend to sway to the side of a bun. I’m not a fan of the man bun, {give me back my hairstyle, Jared Leto. I had it first} but on me? I like ‘em messy or swept up in a chignon, in a sock bun or a low bun.   Personally, I have my hair in a bun lots in the summer because my long, thick hair makes my neck hot!

4.  Last time you wore false lashes?

 Oh god, I can’t even remember. I’ve been blessed with some pretty sweet a** lashes {thanks, Mom!}, so I don’t often find I need them to glam up a look; a black, volumizing mascara will do the trick. I don’t particularly like wearing them either. I find the glue makes my eyes watery and itchy. Does anyone else have that problem?

5.  Something that made you laugh over the weekend?

This past weekend was the Labour Day weekend here in Canada, and we were at the cottage, basking in the sun on the last official weekend of summer. There were some awesome tunes, a dock full of 20-somethings and an over-flowing beer cooler. Need I say more? Everything made me laugh. Just everything.


First Post and a Few Random Q’s

Welcome to Lipstick ‘n Lashes’ inaugural blog post! How frequently will I be posting? Not sure. What will the posts be about? Well, beauty mostly. But since I’m the webmaster {that word sounds super official, so I’m keeping that title}, there will be some random-ness thrown in here and there. Who likes to read the same things all the time anyway? Not this girl!

I’m a big fan of and frequent lurker over on Karen’s blog, with the fitting title of Makeup and Beauty Blog. If you haven’t checked her out, do it, NOW! She’s also got a sweet YouTube channel to supplement her blog posts.   This week she posted a list of questions, which she answered, and asked her readers to do the same. So…true to form, I’ll bite and do what I’m told. Besides, how better to get to know me than with a rando Q&A? Here goes:

  1. Describe your perfect hair day.

Big. Hair. No, not frizzy, fried, humidity hair. I mean big, voluminous Texas hair. The higher the hair the closer to God y’all! I realize I’m not from Texas, nor can I really pull off a y’all. However, I LOVE big hair – when I have the time {and the weather permits} I do my hair in big voluminous curls. I think it looks better with my face shape and has the added bonus of generally lasting and looking great for a day or two.

  1. What’s your stance on duck-face selfies?

I’m not a huge fan and am of the belief that there’s a time and place for them. If you’re all being silly, by all means, rock a duck face. But if you legitimately pose like this {especially for a selfie}, I will not hesitate to laugh.

  1. When was the last time you tried some nail art, and how did it turn out?

I get my nails done, so never really myself. I think the last time I did was when I was a young teen. I’ve not got much patience for finicky things and it takes years of practice and perfection to make nail art look great. I leave that to the pros at my nail salon.

  1. 3 things you’d never, ever wear?

Socks and sandals as a combo, most things orange {not knocking people who do, it just looks terrible on me and it’s not my fave colour}, and orthodic shoes {for the next 30 years, at least!}.

  1. Today I’m feeling __________.

Excited and a little tired. It was a busy day, but I’m excited to be coming home and blogging on LnL for the VERY. FIRST. TIME.


That’s a little about me, and the conclusion of my very first blog post. Feel free to answer the questions for yourself in the comments below. I’d love to get to know you! Don’t forget to check out Karen’s blog post and see her answers.