Self-Care {?}

Self-care.  It’s a term I’m hearing more and more lately, begging the obvious question “what does self-care mean to me?”.  Admittedly, I struggled to figure out my answer to what is inherently a uniquely defined word according to whom you’ve asked the question.   I’m not good at relaxing or de-stressing, ask anyone who knows me.  But the older I get, the more I realize just how important it is to find precisely what defines self-care for you.

Here are just a few things I do to take care of myself:

  • Exercise!  This is key.  I spend so much of my day sitting and often wonder the impact this is going to have on me later in life.  I hope that I can undo some of that damage with almost daily workouts.  Just 45 minutes a day helps me physically and mentally.  If I can’t hit the gym, I try to get in a long walk
  • Hydrate!  I drink water all day long.  In fact, lemon water is my fave and it’s got some great health benefits.  Plus, drinking more water will help you avoid unnecessary snacking {for me = chips} and keep your skin looking great
  • Baths!  I bathe every day, don’t think this isn’t a must for me, however I rarely get the opportunity to soak in a relaxing bath.  I find when I do, whether I spend it reading or catching up on trashy tv, it makes a difference.  I try to do it at night before bed for a relaxing sleep
  • Masks!  A face mask can solve {nearly} all of life’s problems, sheet masks in particular if you ask me.  It’s such an easy, mess-free pick me up that makes a difference for me every time. I have tagged my fave below.
  • Laughing!  Watch a tv show or a movie you love and get laughing.  It really is the best medicine


What do you do to take care of yourself?  I’m always looking for tips!




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Dry Skin Savers

It’s that time of year here in Toronto – a time most Canadians know all too well – where your biggest winter jacket just isn’t always warm enough, your pants have slush stains on them and your skin is dry and cracking in places we ought not to mention.   That’s why today I’m sharing a few of my faves to save your skin this winter.


The foundation to any long lasting and flawless makeup application is skin.  I can’t stress this enough: SKIN, SKIN, SKIN!  There’s no primer or foundation that can mimic the natural glow of healthy, moisture-rich skin.   Can you tell I’m a big believer in skin care?  Not only is it a must for my clients, but I recommend that everyone have a skin care regime designed for their specific skin type and prevent aging long before it happens.  You can’t stop aging but you can prevent the toll it takes on your appearance!

Here’s what I recommend you use on your skin to keep it plump and moisturized:


Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic creams:


the rumour is that Charlotte made these up in her own kitchen and long before they  were commercially bottled and sold, Charlotte used them on her clients.  I like the night cream best, if I’m honest.  It is just so rich and it does all the repair work while I sleep.  This is an essential key that lots of people miss; applying a rich nighttime mask or cream like this one  or even this one can make a world of difference.


Keep skin hydrated during the day either with Charlotte’s cream above, or I like Clinique’s Moisture Surge Intense and Farmacy’s Honey Drop.  Both can be purchased at Sephora and I’ve used and loved them both. I like to alternate them or even blend them together on a particularly dry day!

For lips, which seem to never be moisturized enough for me, really41edq2qpsml._sy355_ – I have one go to that you can’t beat: Carmex.  It comes in a tube or a pot, and you can grab it for under $5 at your local drugstore.  I swear by it all year round, but especially in the winter.


Don’t neglect those under-eyes either – they can look particularly parched and sunken {though you’re well fed, well slept, and just stuck in a Canadian winter!} when the air is as crisp and cool as it is now.  I always use eye patches on my clients while prepping their look, but also like to use them on myself from time to time as an added luxury with a mask or just pop them on while I’m watching tv.  I find that the Peter Thomas Roth ones work best and leave my under-eyes smooth.

What tips do you have for skin survival this winter?


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