Shape Tape Dupe – FINALLY!

Y’all know I’ve loved Shape Tape for a loooooooooong time.  A real long time.  I’ve tried to replicate it to no avail {spoiler alert: the Makeup Revolution concealer, while great, isn’t as full coverage}.  BUT….a big BUT….I think I’ve found a drugstore alternative: L’Oreal Full Wear Infallible concealer.


It’s available at the drugstore.  It covers like Shape Tape.  The shade range is decent.  What more could we want?  Look no further.



The concealer wears all day without creasing, doesn’t oxidize, and covers just as well if not better {gasp!} than the Shape Tape.  I’ve managed to nearly match my Shape Tape shades in the L’Oreal product with ease.




For reference, L-R on the top {all L’Oreal}: 365 Cashew, 360 Cashmere, 350 Bisque, 330 Ivory L-R, Bottom Row {Shape Tape}: Light-Sand, Light-Medium Honey, Medium



These can be set with a loose powder or a compact setting powder, but it’s not necessary {for real? YAS!}.   Don’t walk, run and pick this up!  Walmart carries a wide range {linked below, and likely your cheapest bet} and Shoppers here in Canada has a decent range as well, albeit at a higher per unit price.  For you guys in the States, Ulta carries the whole shade range.



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Walmart {cheapest option!} | Ulta



Dupe Alert: Lip Liners

I think I’ve said it a few times:  Marc Jacobs’ Longwear Lip Liner in Prim(rose) is the bomb dot com.  It wears so well, goes with all shades of lipstick and is that perfect YLBB shade.  It’s pricey, that’s the only reason I want to dupe it.  Much like my beloved Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect  I wanted to find the same shade a similar shade at a lesser price that does {just about} the same thing.

Where is the first stop when one wants to dupe a fave?  A beauty junkie’s personal stash, of course.  I dug through my current liners and took out what I thought were the closest matches.  Here they are, from top left to bottom right: Marc Jacobs Prim(rose), NYX Pretty in Pink, NYX Rose, NYX Sand Beige, NYX Nude, NYX Nectar, NYX Nude Pink, MAC Spice, MAC Whirl, MAC Oak.



You can see there’s some clear contenders and some immediate misses. I’ve certainly confirmed that a product may look the same by the colour of the packaging, yet swatch very differently.   I was easily able to narrow it down to 3 close shades:  NYX Nude, MAC Whirl, and MAC Spice.  Here’s a close up with MJ Prim(rose) on the top left, NYX Nude below that, MAC Whirl in the top right, and MAC’s Spice below.




Hmmm….again, clear difference in shades once swatched.  Whirl is, by far, the closest!

I didn’t want to just test the colour payoff, but also longevity and application – two key features I love so much about the MJ liner.  So, I let the swatches set up for about 10 minutes and did a simple swipe across my hand.




Interesting test result {not an overly scientific or innovative test, I’ll admit}.  Now you can see that the MAC shades wiped almost right off.  This isn’t surprising.  Whenever I wear a MAC shade, it ends up sliding off my lips.  Cute, I know.  You’ll also see that the NYX Nude shade stayed put and does look somewhat closer in tone to the MJ liner once it sets.   It does pull a bit more brown in tone, but the difference isn’t significant.

Of course, I opted to test all 4 in a row with day to day wear – hands down, NYX Nude was the winner.  Though slightly different in tone than the MJ, it wears like a dream.  It doesn’t move off my lips and doesn’t dry them out, similar to the MJ liner.  I do have to be honest in saying that MAC ‘s liner formula isn’t my favourite.  I find the product that does stay on my lips dries them out.


All in all, the NYX Nude liner is my winner for closest dupe in this battle.  I love how it wears, and you just can’t beat the price.


Tell me, do you have any dupes I should know about?




Dupe Alert: Beauty Bargain?

OK – I had to pop on and post this – DUPE ALERT!

As you all know, I love Charlotte Tilbury products, namely my beloved lippie in Bitch Perfect {can we have a moment for the name and just how fitting it is for me?!}.  The price, while not IMG_4097exorbitant, is a little steep for something I use daily and would likely go through quicker than most high end products I may spend a little more on {YSL foundation, anyone?!}.  So as usual, in the pursuit of a bargain, I went to my go-to drugstore brand: NYX.

I’ve been mixing these two lippies together and it’s made a really nice alternative to the CT colour in terms of both texture and colour.  I always apply the lighter shade, Candy Buttons, first and then follow with the slightly darker shade, Pops.


Here’s a swatch of them both; CT is on top:

IMG_4092 2

You can see that CT does pull slightly more peachy but they’re still really close! {I’m sure if I put a couple of layers of the Candy Buttons and then a light swipe of Pops it may be a better reflection of just how close they are – my hand doesn’t do it justice the way a lip would!}.

In terms of staying power, the two are almost identical, and longevity? That’s great too.  The NYX Butter Lipsticks keep my lips moisturized for about 3 hours {yes, I timed it} and the texture is divine, very similar to the CT lippie.  The price on the NYX lipsticks – depending on where you purchase, of course – is roughly $9.99CAD each.  So, for this particular look, the total dupe price is just over half thIMG_4098e cost {pre-tax, of course} of ONE of my Bitch Perfect tubes.

Don’t get me wrong, this colour combo won’t be replacing Bitch Perfect in my collection, not by any stretch of the imagination.  Rather, I’ll be using these two on the daily and will save Bitch Perfect or special occasions or clients, ’cause that’s how I roll.

Side note:  I really love the shade Pops on it’s own.  I may grab one or two to keep at my desk and in my handbag next time I see them!



Mascara Battles: Roller Lash vs Lash Sensational

I’ll admit it: I’m a sucker for packaging. The smooth, sleek look of a Chanel compact. The chic, eye-catching glimmer of a YSL palette. Charlotte Tilbury’s rose gold accents and rose gold counter at my local Holt’s? Don’t get me started. Benefit packaging is no exception. Just LOOK at this Roller Lash packaging and super unique brush. Sooooooo cute.s1728492-main-hero-300

As a reformed shopaholic I try not to let packaging sway me, but when I read some glowing reviews on the Roller Lash product, I made a mental note to pick up a sample if I saw one. Remember when I said in my last post about those little bins in the Sephora checkout line that just nick me {and my credit card} every time? Well, that’s where I found this little gem, a perfect sample size of the Roller Lash screaming at me to try it. I couldn’t resist.

Packaging aside, I’m still yet undecided as to whether or not drugstore mascara {or products in general, for that matter} are inferior to high end. I have been using the heavily reviewed and well-loved Maybelline Lash Sensational, which gets stellar reviews from myself and other junkies alike; I think it’s on its way to being a drugstore cult favourite. Never one to let a quest die, I decided to check out Roller Lash and see if it lives up to its hype and could take a spot as my high end must-have {a spot that’s currently held by another Benefit product, They’re Real}. Roller Lash retails on Sephora’s website for $31 CAD {the small sample size is $16, no small price tag in my opinion}. Because I’m cheap, I opted for the $16 option – I thought it was generous enough to give me a proper test sample while not breaking the bank.

The Sephora website indicates Roller Lash was designed to mimic hot rollers, curling and lifting lashes to give a sexy, wide-eyed look. The brush is called a “Hook ‘n Roll” and has a pending patent. It has little hooks to catch, lift, and curl any and all length of lashes. The formula is designed to instantly set the curl and hold for 12 hours, but still be easy to remove. It contains lash conditioners as well, which are most definitely an added plus. You can see from the picture below that my lashes are long, yep, I’m blessed in that department. BUT, there’s no curl. Not a one. Not a single one. So, I always use my lash curler prior to applying any and all mascara.

I have to start by saying that the formula is wetter than I’m used to. It may be best to open the product and let it dry a bit for a day or two before using. However, if you’re dying to get into it, it’s not terrible to work with, just out of my comfort zone and preference when it comes to mascara.   It went on with approximately 3 coats before it was as bold as I like it to be, but the coats didn’t dry quickly in between, so I found lashes got a little spidery if I didn’t let each coat fully dry. Once dried, I completed the look with a crimp of my lash curler {I’m well aware that’s not how you’re supposed to use it, but I’ve been doin’ it for 15 years without issue, so I’ma keep doin’ it. MMMMK?}  I did use the Roller Lash over the course of about 2 weeks, so I did find that it became easier to work with, as I indicated, when the formula dried a bit.

For this post, I was initially going to do a comparison of application, length of wear, formula, you know, the usual fare when it comes to mascara reviews. Instead, I’ve decided to do just some side by side photos to illustrate my conclusion: they’re dupes.  

Overall, Roller Lash gave great curl, made my lashes big and bold {just how I like ‘em!} and held all day. I was impressed! Now here’s a pic with my regular and much-loved {and cheap!} Lash Sensational applied in the same fashion {curl and set, if you will} with 3 coats and a final curl.

{DISCLAIMER:  Un-flattering iPhone photos to follow.  They did the trick, though, so let’s just go with it, shall we?}

*for all of these photos, Roller Lash is on top, and Lash Sensational is on the bottom*

Head on 1

You can see they give the overall same look from the front.

When looking up to illustrate the length from the base and overall curl, it’s hard to see a difference.  Both formulas gave some serious length, bold colour and sweeping curl.

looking up 2

By the end of the day, both mascaras were still on, not flaked or smudged on my face, and the curl still looked great. I was able to have my big, bold lashes all day no matter which of these two mascaras I used.

end of day 3

THE VERDICT:  Roller Lash is a great product. Does it trump my beloved Lash Sensational? Not a chance. Lash Sensational delivers exactly the same results at a fraction of the cost for a far larger tube! If I’m lucky, I can get Lash Sensational on a drugstore sale for $6. How can you beat that? Roller Lash is a great product, and I like that it has a travel size. So, it’ll have a spot in my purse rotation of emergency mascara/makeup goods {yes, that’s a thing}. I do still think that They’re Real is the best high end product out there, however Roller Lash comes in at a close second.

Don’t waste your hard earned dollars on Roller Lash – grab Lash Sensational next time you’re at the drugstore!