First Impression: L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara

I’m not the first to post about this.  In fact, I would assume I’m kind of late to the “game”, so to speak.  When I saw all the buzz about this mascara, namely the comparison to the Too Faced Better Than Sex {TFBS} mascara, I knew I had to try it. Y’all know about my beloved Maybelline mascara and my propensity to favour a drugstore buy over a high end alternative, so it was a natural fit for me to give this one a try.


This mascara purports to have a soft wavy bristle brush that holds a max formula for a dramatic volumizing charge.

Benefits include:

  • 200+ bristles catch every lash for a full fringe effect
  • Smooth glide formula provides silky volume in one extra black coat
  • Lashes are feathery soft to the touch  {I don’t agree – they’re kind of tough but I like this because it holds a curl better}
  • Women agreed: 91% saw intense and volumized lashes and 87% saw more beautiful lashes
  • +98% lengthening effect
  • Voluptuous volume and length
  • Soft wavy bristle brush
  • More black pigments


It comes {currently} in 4 colours, at least in Canada:

  • Washable Black
  • Washable Black Brown
  • Washable Blackest Black
  • Waterproof Blackest Black


I’m gonna cut to the chase:  this is the SHIT.  

Yes, it does all it claims to do and more. 


Can we also have a moment for the luxe packaging please?  Undeniably reminiscent of the TFBS tube, it feels and looks super high end.





This packaging.  WOAH!



For my super straight lashes, it holds a curl all day without clumping or flaking or even transferring.   The formula {I bought the Blackest Black in the washable/regular formula, not waterproof} is drier, so a word of caution that you have to work fast.  You might not want to let this dry between coats to prevent the clumpy spider look, but that doesn’t take away from the sheer volume and length this puppy provides in one fell swoop.   I tend to let it dry simply out of habit and a simple brow comb does the trick to separate lashes and avoid spider legs.


The brush looks markedly like the TFBS as does the packaging, but does just the same job at half the price.  Lash Paradise currently retails for about $13.99 in Canada, though I’m quite sure if you watch for a sale or check out WalMart, you can save a few $$.



This is a MUST buy.  Don’t walk, run to your nearest drugstore and pick this up ASAP.









Skincare Samples: First Impressions

Disclaimer: I have been blessed with rather nice skin overall – very even in tone, and very few breakouts {b*!tch, I know!}. So, while I’m honest in my impressions below, know that I wasn’t starting with a particular skin problem to begin with.

Where does any proper beauty junkie go when she wants something new to try but is too cheap to buy it? No, NOT Sephora, but her very own stash, of course! {which comes from Sephora or other beauty sample boxes she doesn’t need, but we’ll ignore that, shall we?}

IMG_2125A while ago Recently I received a few samples with either a Sephora 100 point perk, or with an online order, and these samples happened to be of some high end products I’d been wanting to try but just couldn’t justify the price for {even in those little bins as you line-up to checkout at Sephora…you know, the ones that grab you just at a last minute point of weakness}.   Both were both decent sized samples, and I feel as though my thoughts below are reflective of a good try of each product. I was able to use each of them more than once and get an accurate idea of how {or how not} they would work for me.

Glam Glow is the hottest of hot right now when it comes to skin masks. They’re expensive, and they work, or so I’ve been told. I had a sample of the Glam Glow Thirstycleanse Daily Cleanser, which claims to be a daily mud-to-foam cleanser for dry and dehydrated skin. It is formulated without parabens or sulfates, and purports to turn from a luxurious mud into a rich lather to cleanse skin. I underline claims for a reason: it didn’t do a thing for me.


Perhaps I used it incorrectly, or perhaps I had a dud of a sample. It went on as a luxurious mud, that’s for sure, but the cleanser was hardly a “lather” or a “foam”. The Glam Glow did cleanse my skin; it was left feeling clean and make-up free. However, I certainly wouldn’t spend the $43 {WTF!!!!!} it retails for to use it on the daily. If another sample came my way, I wouldn’t turn it down, but it wouldn’t make the first in my rotation.

The Fresh Rose Face Mask – now that was another story. I’m a huge fan of the Fresh Lip Treatments {let me know in the comments below if you want some reviews on those!}, and so I was eager to try some other things from the brand.  The sample size I had leads me to beIMG_2132lieve it was a 100 point perk {is it sad this junkie has so many samples she can’t remember where they came from?}. I will absolutely get more than the 2 uses I’ve already had from it and will be able to enjoy the gorgeous product it is. According to Sephora’s website, it is a hydrating and toning gel mask infused with real rose petals, pure rosewater, and a “smart” algae that delivers optimum moisture.

When you open the product up, it looks a little…um…poopy. It smells a bit different, though once you take it out to put on the skin, the rose smell takes over and it spreads buttery smooth on to the skin. I left this on my clean face – just as the package said – for about 8 minutes {directions said 5-10, so I went in the middle. Good thinkin’, huh?} and was very pleasantly surprised when I rinsed it off. I don’t have dry skin, nor do I think I’m in need of hydration, per se.


{this 110% looks like poop, right? RIGHT?}

This product, unlike the Glam Glow, did make an instant difference. My skin felt a little more plump {in the best way possible} and was silky to the touch. I’d be interested to see how this fares on someone with a distinct lack of hydration versus my relatively normal complexion if this is what it did for me! The Fresh Rose Face Mask retails at Sephora for $73 {I just fell off my chair. No joke} and can be used daily. I’m inclined to think that this wouldn’t be needed that frequently, and so may be a worthy spend for someone whose skin is lacking natural glow and overall hydration.

Would I buy it? If I was a millionaire, sure, or if I had an extra Sephora gift card to kill {maybe not. I could think of a zillion other things I’d buy before a skin care item}. Particularly because I don’t think this product was that much of a WOW on my skin, I can think of other ways to use $73. I would, though, recommend it as a worthwhile product to try as a sample or if you could use a hydrating mask as an essential part of your skincare routine.


August Ipsy Bag and First Impressions

Each month I see a $20 charge on my visa for my Ipsy subscription and I get a little pit of excitement iIMG_2086in my stomach. No, I’m not worried about the charge {ok I’m a little excited for the points!}. Rather, it’s just the opposite: I know that in a short week or two, I’ll have a pink envelope waiting in my mailbox FULL of beauty products for me to try {and the bubble wrap in the envelope is a bonus…so what? I’m a kid}. Some will be faves I’ve heard people talk about or have even tried myself, some will be new to me entirely, or something we don’t often get in Canada. For $20, it’s worth every penny to get something other than a bill in the mail. Being an adult sucks. Fact.

In the almost full year I’ve been an Ipsy subscriber, the bags {uber cute bonus and good for travel or gifts, btw} and contents have almost always been a win. Each month I will post my unboxing pics and first impressions. I’ll let you know what I plan to use, and see if it ends up in a favourites post. Kind of a fun experiment, test who’s really paying attention, ya know?

Alright, enough babble. Let’s get on to this month’s bag, shall we? {click to enlarge pics}


First up were some hair and skincare samples: Briogeo Blossom and Bloom. A full size of this product retails for $23 on Sephora’s website, and says it’s a volumizing spray fortified with natural hair thickeners. The description says that the spray will enhance the look of hair fullness with long term results and of course, it lists the natural ingredients in the product’s composition. I can’t say I’m overly excited about this one. I have long, thick, coarse hair and certainly don’t need any thickening. I believe I answered a question denoting this same thing on the Ipsy website!  Either way, it’s nice to have a new product to try, and it mayIMG_2100 find its way out of my beauty sample box to either my bathroom or the bathroom of a well-deserving friend!

Lather Ultra Mild Face Wash retails {in full size} for $19 on There’s not much by way of a product description, but it says that the foaming prep doesn’t strip the skin of natural oils, it’s mild and gentle for every day use, and the soothing anti-bacterial phospholipids leave skin glowing. Reviews are generally raving, so I’m excited to give this one a try!

This box had 3 makeup samples: a Doll 10 cream blush, a Skinn Cosmetics eyeliner, and a Hikari lipgloss.


The Doll 10 HydraGel Blush is designed with a hybrid gel technology to make you look like you’re blushing. It’s a cream based project, and is formulated with beneficial ingredients like shea butter, avocado butter, and Jojoba seed oil to hydrate the skin while Lavender extract provides luminosity. A full size retails online for $16, and I believe this is a sample size. While the colour is gorgeous, I’m not a huge fan of cream products.   I’m sure it’s perfect for many subbies; just not my preference.

Skinn Cosmetics’ Luxe Waterproof Eyeliner in Navy Seal {I feel like every. Single. Bag. Has an eyeliner of the blue or black variety, amiright?} This eyeliner is a pure luxury treatment liner that creates a smooth no-smudge line and retails for $9.99 USD. It, similar to some of the other cosmetics in this box, contains peptides, shea butter and Jojoba to firm the appearance of eyelids and smooth dry lids. It has a waterproof formula and claims it won’t come off until it’s taken off! The pencil comes with a built in sharpener, much like the Nars Larger Than Life line. I’ll likely pass this on too. I’ve got more eyeliners than I can count on two hands, and know of a few ladies this would look fab on.

Last but not least, a full sized Hikari lip gloss in Merlot. I must say, this was the only hit of the bag this month. The Hikari website shows 8 colours availaIMG_2115ble in a decent range of shades and each gloss retails for $13.   The product description says it’s a high shine matte gloss {yes, a high shine matte. What? How?} I love the pigmentation {click the pic for a larger swatch} and glossy finish. This isn’t a colour I tend to gravitate to whatsoever, but I think it will be a gorgeous, bright, berry lip.  I’ve got lots of glosses, but definitely see this one making it’s way in to my rotation come fall.


{by far Ipsy’s cutest prepster bag}

THE VERDICT: Ipsy missed the bag a little this month {get it? Missed the BAG}. The houndstooth bag and Hikari gloss are about the only things I look forward to using. I’m not overly upset, though, as the Hikari gloss I like retails for almost the cost of the bag.  Like anything else, I guess there will be good and bad months. Considering this is one of the only real “missed” months, I’m going to chalk it up to summer holidays and the Ipsy team being a little short staffed and fishing for samples. Here’s hoping the September box is a hit!

Do you subscribe to Ipsy?  Comment below and let me know your thoughts on the August bag.