Why Choose Lipstick ‘n Lashes?

Celine Bain, Founder & Lead Makeup Artist, is a perfectionist who believes that looking glamourous shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. She’ll go out of her way to make sure you look and feel just how you want – without charging you a fortune. She willSlide1 work with you to get just the look you want, and make it fit your budget.

A former competitive dancer, Celine is a self-taught makeup-artist whose career started simply by doing photo shoots, events, weddings, and dance competitions for friends and family. She is a self-professed “makeup junkie” with a passion for the beauty industry. Celine is always up on the latest trends in hair styling and the newest makeup techniques to make her clients look like they’re fresh from the pages of Vogue. After much coercion by those who know her best, she decided to focus her talents on a business of her own: Lipstick ‘n Lashes Toronto.

What’s in a Name?

It’s simple, really: Celine will never go out of the house without some lipstick and some mascara. It brightens up the whole face and can make you look your best, even if that’s not how you’re feeling! Combine these two things and the gorgeous city Celine is lucky enough to have called home all her life, and there you have it: Lipstick ‘n Lashes Toronto.