Self-Care {?}

Self-care.  It’s a term I’m hearing more and more lately, begging the obvious question “what does self-care mean to me?”.  Admittedly, I struggled to figure out my answer to what is inherently a uniquely defined word according to whom you’ve asked the question.   I’m not good at relaxing or de-stressing, ask anyone who knows me.  But the older I get, the more I realize just how important it is to find precisely what defines self-care for you.

Here are just a few things I do to take care of myself:

  • Exercise!  This is key.  I spend so much of my day sitting and often wonder the impact this is going to have on me later in life.  I hope that I can undo some of that damage with almost daily workouts.  Just 45 minutes a day helps me physically and mentally.  If I can’t hit the gym, I try to get in a long walk
  • Hydrate!  I drink water all day long.  In fact, lemon water is my fave and it’s got some great health benefits.  Plus, drinking more water will help you avoid unnecessary snacking {for me = chips} and keep your skin looking great
  • Baths!  I bathe every day, don’t think this isn’t a must for me, however I rarely get the opportunity to soak in a relaxing bath.  I find when I do, whether I spend it reading or catching up on trashy tv, it makes a difference.  I try to do it at night before bed for a relaxing sleep
  • Masks!  A face mask can solve {nearly} all of life’s problems, sheet masks in particular if you ask me.  It’s such an easy, mess-free pick me up that makes a difference for me every time. I have tagged my fave below.
  • Laughing!  Watch a tv show or a movie you love and get laughing.  It really is the best medicine


What do you do to take care of yourself?  I’m always looking for tips!




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