Abandoned Blogs = The Worst {and a Whirlwind 2018}

Yes, as the title says, this blog has been beyond abandoned.  I AM SO SORRY!  There is nothing I hate more than logging on to a website hoping to delve into a blog and boom, it’s not been updated in a year.  That’s kind of what this blog is now isn’t it?  Again, I’m so sorry, and I’ll be back more frequently.  I PROMISE.

At the very least, I have a good set of excuses for my absence: the past year has been a whirlwind and my life has changed completely.  For the best, don’t worry!

In June of last year, my bf moved in with me  and I took on a new, more senior and time intensive role at my day job – nothing bad, mind you, but space was limited and I had lots more to take care of on the home and work fronts – so, naturally, this side hustle kind of blog and freelance job had to take a back burner.  We got the most beautiful Frenchie in  the world shortly thereafter, and becoming a dog mom isn’t for the weak {real human moms, my hat’s off to you!}. She’s the light of our life and I wouldn’t change a thing!

EngagementSept2018-11{if you’re a dog nut like me, go follow her:  @marlowethefrenchie}.

Life was busy, to say the least, and got even busier following a surprise proposal from my bf in November of 2017.  We weren’t the only ones in our family with big changes in our lives, so nearly every weekend since then has been taken up with a family event of some sort….and when we weren’t attending family stuff or planning a wedding or working, we decided it would be best to buy into Toronto real estate and move to a much larger condo, albeit down the street from where we were currently living.  A few hiccups with the sale of my space later, we’re here in a huge space overlooking the lake and I wouldn’t change that either.

I’ve been crazy busy with weekend weddings, including a special one in wine country where I was able to test some new stuff and I’ll share my thoughts in forthcoming posts, I promise!

All of that said, and as even more happy and full my life is now, I’ve really missed my creative outlet via this website and my clients, so I’m happy to be back.  2019 will be better, and I’m really looking forward to what’s to come for this blog and LnL Toronto!




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