Monday Q&A

You guys know I love to do this.  I think it’s a fantastic way for us to get to know each other {or for you to get to know me.  Depends on who you ask…}.

Karen over at the aptly named Makeup and Beauty Blog does this every Monday and while I don’t get to keep up weekly, I try to do it when I think it’s a particularly interesting list of questions.

Interested in getting to know me a bit better?  Read on!

Untitled 2

Not sure why there’s a ton of whitespace at the bottom.  I’m new to this blogging thing and too cheap to get Photoshop just yet.  


Men who groom their brows – I have two distinct thoughts on this and it depends on your definition of “groom”.  I think that a unibrow is never a good idea, male or female.  So if you’re asking if I mind a man who keeps his unibrow at bay, not at all.  Now, I do NOT like the perfectly groomed brow on a man.  I feel it’s un-natural looking and I don’t think it looks great.  If his brows are more fleek-y than mine, game over!


I’ve never mowed a lawn.  Sad to say it.  In my 30+ years, I’ve never mowed a lawn.  I’m sure my time will come, though!


Hats.  I don’t much like hats.  So literally, no.  I don’t wear hats.  Figuratively?  Yes.  I wear many, many hats.  I’m in the insurance industry by day, an active Alpha Phi volunteer, and run this business and blog in my {not so ample} free time.


Picking my favourite lipstick was a lot harder than I thought!  I’m going to have to go with the Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect.  Pair this with MAC’s Soar lipliner and it’s been my go to pinky nude of late.


I like my brunette hair, generally speaking.  I have always wanted to be a blonde, though.  It wouldn’t suit my skin tone or eye colour, but I’d love to do it even if it was just for a day.


Wanna see what Karen had to say?  Head on over to her blog post here.


Feel free to answer on your blog or in the comments below, but be sure to tag me so I can see the post!




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