Monday Q&A

I haven’t done a Q&A for a little while.  Ok, a long while.  I think it’s long over-due!

If you’re wondering WTF I’m talking about, head on over to Makeup and Beauty Blog.  Karen – she’s awesome – her posts {and sometimes some guest posts} are always en pointe in terms of reviews, have the most stunning pictures, and are, most importantly, honest and genuine.  I believe it used to be every Monday {hence the reason she calls these posts a ‘Monday Poll’} that she would post a list of questions and she would, of course, answer them so that we could get to know her on a different, more personal level.  She invites her readers to do the same thing in the comments or on their blogs too – and so do I!

Here’s the most recent list of questions I stole grabbed from her blog:

1. What are three things on your bucket list?

Oooh this is a great question.  I’ve never really come up with a bucket list, per se.  I am really happy with my life the way it is – sounds cliche, but my life by design has really made me happy.  That said, there are things I’d love to do of course.  #1 is New Orleans for Mardi Gras – why?  Not sure.  I like to party, yes, but I’m not a huge partier by any means.  I just think it would be fun;   #2 is definitely a trip to Malta.  This is where my family is from, and from what I can see, where some of the world’s most beautiful beaches reside.  I’ve never been and I have to go;  #3 – it’s sappy – yep, I admit it.  But I’d like to be a mom.  I am crazy close to my Mom and wouldn’t trade her for the world.  I am so excited for {one day} the opportunity to mess up raise kids and hope to one day have the childhood I had and the adult relationship I share with my own Mother.

2. Is it ever OK to snoop through someone’s email?

This is a really, really hard question.  I don’t condone it – that’s someone’s private space – but there’s also the argument that it’s on the internet, so how truly private is it?  I think it’s more the violation of personal privacy than anything else. If I felt I was being cheated on or otherwise ‘duped’ in some sense, perhaps I would do it.  Until I’m confronted with the decision, I guess I’m going to say that it’s a huge violation of privacy and to keep your nose out someone else’s business, y’know?

3. Would you rather wear a lady gaga meat dress to your wedding or lose a front tooth on your wedding day?

2010 MTV Video Music Awards - Press Room

Tough one.  Seriously.  Where does she get this shiz?  I don’t think I’d wear a meat dress any day, so I’m gonna have to go with lose a front tooth.  {side note: I have a grill across my front teeth due to a serious overbite – it’s an esthetic solution – so this is a very real possibility on my wedding day} Besides, I could stick some white gum in there for the pictures, no?  Then, when I take that gum out as the night goes on, it’s a great conversation piece and just another memory from the day you’ll remember forever. Right?  RIGHT?


4. Do you use color correctors on a daily basis?

Yep.  Under my eyes on the daily.  Oh and the occasional zit.

5. Ocean, river, lake or swimming pool?


Personal pic from Cabo.  Dis my happy place.

Ocean any day.  I love the water and love to swim; I find it super therapeutic to be by the water in any capacity, pool, lake or otherwise. But if I had the choice, it would be the ocean. There’s something about the salt water, the sand in my toes, and the sound of the waves that brings me to my happy place.



Here’s the link to her Q&A on June 6th {yes, I’m a week – or two – behind…whatevs} if you want to give it a try  too!  Comment or link your blog.  I’d love to see your answers.






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