Repairing a Broken Powder: How I Saved $46

I can’t believe I did it.  I broke my beloved BECCA highlighter in Champagne Pop.  I wasn’t paying attention I was drinking wine and, POOF!  Just like that, she was dropped and shattered.   To say I was devastated is an understatement {ok, let’s be real…I was devastated about the cost of the product and the genuine love affair I have with it.  There are, however, more important issues to be devastated about}. IMG_0109

After cleaning up the mess {highlighter makes one helluva shiney mess on your clean floors} and salvaging what I could, I set it on my counter to debate whether or not I’d repair it or buy a new one.  Y’all know I’m a cheapo, so I of course eventually came to the resolution that I would attempt to repair it.  I know what you’re thinking, $40 isn’t much.  I get that, it isn’t.  BUT, in Canada, and in Ontario specifically, we have high Federal and Provincial taxes on goods and services – here, it’s 13%.  Add that to a $46 retail price tag for the highlighter, and that’s a $52 highlighter.  Not small beans if you ask me, so that was the basis for my decision to repair.

I hopped right on to YouTube and my good friend Google to figure out just the way to do this.  There wasn’t one precise tutorial I followed, so if you’re looking to vary from my method below, just a simple Google search should help you out.  I was able to combine a couple of methods together to fix the highlighter perfectly.

If you wanna see just how I did it, read on:

IMG_0106Step 1:  Get your supplies together – you’ll need a dropper {if you’re brave, you don’t need this, but I think it’s best to get a proper amount of rubbing alcohol and not over-saturate your already broken powder}, rubbing alcohol {I used 90%), paper towel to protect the area from further mess, and a spatula to mix and smooth the product over {optional!  A spoon may work just as well to flatten it out and the end to stir}.  I had to buy the rubbing alcohol and dropper, but you may have those on hand.  Cost me a total whopping $6 with tax!

Step 2:  Take your broken product and carefully add drops of the rubbing alcohol into it until it creates a paste-like texture.  For me, this was about 5 or 6 drops.  Once the paste like texture developed, mix the product all together with a separate stir stick or the backend of your stirring utensil.



Step 3: Once the product is stirred together {you can opt to do this separately in a measuring cup and then pour it into the package of the brokenIMG_0111 product, but this step seemed unnecessary for this particular DIY}, use the spatula or back of your spoon to flatten it out and back into place.  I used a spreading motion much like I would when icing a cake, really pressing the product out to the ends of the case, making sure that it wasn’t all in the middle.


Step 4: You’re basically done now!!  When you’re happy with the way it looks and you think it’s distributed evenly, let it dry.  Depending on the density of the product, this will take some time.  You can opt to use a hairdryer, but I simply left it overnight.

Step 5: Clean up around the edges and voila!  Your product looks like new.  If you ask me, you’d never know this beloved product was once a shattered, sad highlighter.






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