Product Fail: ABH Liquid Lipstick in Pure Hollywood

110% I want the vibe of this blog to be positive and light, just focusing on our mutual love of beauty.  That said, however, when I come across a huge fail product, I feel it’s my duty as a fellow junkie to advise the masses.

As y’all know I’m sure, the Sephora VIB and VIB Rouge sale just passed.  I had an ongoing wish-list {of course!} and so jumped upon the opportunity to grab some coveted items at a 20% discount {comment below if you want a post on my haul}.   Primary on that list was the Anastasia Beverly Hills {ABH} Liquid Lipstick in Pure Hollywood.  It came highly recommended by a number of trusted Youtubers and bloggers, so it was a must-buy in my opinion.

I went.  I bought.  I hated.  Pointe blank. This stuff sucks.  It’s not worth the price tag.  Come to think of it, I wouldn’t pay a drugstore price for it; I’d likely return it.  It goes on fairly dry as it is, and once it “stains” your lips, it’s so dry that it flakes off in merely an hour.

Here’s a rather unflattering pic of my lips just 1 hour after applicationIMG_4246.  I’ve only eaten a piece of toast.  No drinking, no nothing.  This product swatches beautifully, and I’m certainly a sucker for a peachy-nude-pink colour, but I’m returning this in short order.  I will not keep it in my collection just to have.

If you were thinking of this one, skip it.  Temptalia agrees with me – this is a sub-par Anastasia product.  Her brow stuff?  Nearly untouchable {I think.  More on that in a later post…}.  This?  Notsomuch. Sorry, Makeup By Tiffany D…your reccos are generally on point.  The ABH Liquid Lipstick is one I’ll have to pass on.









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