Dupe Alert: Lip Liners

I think I’ve said it a few times:  Marc Jacobs’ Longwear Lip Liner in Prim(rose) is the bomb dot com.  It wears so well, goes with all shades of lipstick and is that perfect YLBB shade.  It’s pricey, that’s the only reason I want to dupe it.  Much like my beloved Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect  I wanted to find the same shade a similar shade at a lesser price that does {just about} the same thing.

Where is the first stop when one wants to dupe a fave?  A beauty junkie’s personal stash, of course.  I dug through my current liners and took out what I thought were the closest matches.  Here they are, from top left to bottom right: Marc Jacobs Prim(rose), NYX Pretty in Pink, NYX Rose, NYX Sand Beige, NYX Nude, NYX Nectar, NYX Nude Pink, MAC Spice, MAC Whirl, MAC Oak.



You can see there’s some clear contenders and some immediate misses. I’ve certainly confirmed that a product may look the same by the colour of the packaging, yet swatch very differently.   I was easily able to narrow it down to 3 close shades:  NYX Nude, MAC Whirl, and MAC Spice.  Here’s a close up with MJ Prim(rose) on the top left, NYX Nude below that, MAC Whirl in the top right, and MAC’s Spice below.




Hmmm….again, clear difference in shades once swatched.  Whirl is, by far, the closest!

I didn’t want to just test the colour payoff, but also longevity and application – two key features I love so much about the MJ liner.  So, I let the swatches set up for about 10 minutes and did a simple swipe across my hand.




Interesting test result {not an overly scientific or innovative test, I’ll admit}.  Now you can see that the MAC shades wiped almost right off.  This isn’t surprising.  Whenever I wear a MAC shade, it ends up sliding off my lips.  Cute, I know.  You’ll also see that the NYX Nude shade stayed put and does look somewhat closer in tone to the MJ liner once it sets.   It does pull a bit more brown in tone, but the difference isn’t significant.

Of course, I opted to test all 4 in a row with day to day wear – hands down, NYX Nude was the winner.  Though slightly different in tone than the MJ, it wears like a dream.  It doesn’t move off my lips and doesn’t dry them out, similar to the MJ liner.  I do have to be honest in saying that MAC ‘s liner formula isn’t my favourite.  I find the product that does stay on my lips dries them out.


All in all, the NYX Nude liner is my winner for closest dupe in this battle.  I love how it wears, and you just can’t beat the price.


Tell me, do you have any dupes I should know about?





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