A Quick DIY Office Accesory

I know. This isn’t a beauty post, but that’s the joy of owning your own blog and your own business: you can post what you want. This is, however, a lifestyle post of sorts. A DIY project that’s functional, cute and easy to do.   I’m always at a loss for how to keep paperclips on my desk neatly and so this random idea came to me one day while looking around my apartment for things I could DIY into the perfect vessel for my wayward, yet necessary, paperclips. If you’re interested in seeing how I turned this Solo shot cup {use what you’ve got, people!} into a paperclip holder, then read on.


All you’ll need for this project is your favourite gold paint {or whatever colour you choose…} I prefer Martha Stewart’s in Gold, but the one I’ve pictured works just fine, gold sparkles – again, pick your favourite, white glue of any kind, Mod Podge, a slim paint brush and some paper plates for the glue, sparkles, and paint.


1.) Paint the solo cup from the white rim down, making sure to cover the bottom enough to cover any red from showing. Let it dry between coats. I find 2 should usually suffice to give an opaque colour to the cup

IMG_25682.) Once dry, take your white glue and paint it liberally around the white rim of the cup with your small brush. You may opt to mix a little Mod Podge here if you’d like, but I don’t find it necessary

3.) Shake a generous pile of sparkles onto a plate and dip the rim of the Solo cup into the pile of sparkles being sure to cover the entire rim and anywhere you’ve glued. You may have to pick up small bits and sprinkle them on, a la cooking with salt and pepper. Once covered, I pressed the sparkles compactly against the rim. IMG_2571Let it dry for about 20-30 mins.   While it’s drying, I’d recommend cleaning your paintbrush for the next step!

4.) Once dry, take your Mod Podge and a clean paintbrush {see step 3}, packing the Mod Podge over all of the sparkles on the rim. The best way to do this isn’t to brush it but to press it on. Limit the Mod Podge to areas where you want the sparkles to stick – don’t worry, we can shake off those that aren’t covered in Mod Podge! Let it dry for 2-4 hours or until hard to the touch. I let mine dry overnight just to be safe.











Voila! Here’s the finished product complete with my gold paperclips sitting neatly on my desk. My type-A, over-organized self is settled knowing her beloved office supplies are at the ready in a cute little holder!





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