February Faves and a Fail


I have to say it, cliché as it may be: February really flew by. With that said, here’s my faves and a bonus {is that what we even call it?} fail.

I’m not one for a heavy foundation, however I’ve been particularly pale latelIMG_2600y. Thank you, Canadian winters! I find that wearing a foundation in the winter just helps give me a glow to my skin and I can easily bronze it up to give myself the {false} look of a slight colour to my face. This month I’ve been loving Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua . I am in shade 20 Beige, for reference. This gives a beautiful finish to the skin; coverage is just enough, not too much, not too little. That’s ambiguous, I get it, but beauty junkies know what I mean! There’s SPF 15 to give some added, and necessary, sun protection. The Chanel site says it’s good for all skin types, however I can only speak for my own: normal. I can make the coverage as “heavy” {relatively speaking, of course} or as light as I want.   This has been a long-time fave of mine and this month is no exception.


NYX Butter Lipsticks. The name says it all.   You might remember this post where I so boldly compared these to my beloved Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect. I’ve been wearing these coIMG_2599nsistently all month. I love the payoff, the wear, and ultimately, the price. These come in a variety of colours and are readily available at drugstores – Shoppers Drug Mart and Rexall here in Canada – for a fraction of the cost of just one Charlotte lipstick.


I’ll admit. It took me a while to get into the Kat Von D craze. I just didn’t understand why her products would be any better than anything else I’d tried. Granted, the name tattoo is in the name, but without being entirely permanent, I was skeptical why these were so rapidly becoming a cult fave. When the Sephora VIB sale was on back in November {happy bday to me!}, I was able to pick up 2 liners in a sample size. I thought, what the hell? If I hate them, I’m out $20 – not a huge lot.  While I didn’t particularly hate either of them, I’ve fallen in love, in fact.

IMG_2604I’ve grown particularly fond of the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Hemingway . I believe this has replaced Mad Max Brown, but I could be wrong. These last all day, much like the name implies, and are soooooooo easy to apply. I can get the most precise cat eye with just a thin line across the lash, focusing on the outer corner, just as a cat eye should be. These come in a variety of colours, but I prefer brown on my green eyes. If you haven’t tried these, they’re a liquid liner I can justify the price of. May I add that my sample has lasted me since I opened it in December? Try to find me a drugstore liner {Revlon, I’m lookin’ at you!} that wouldn’t dry out in the same timeframe.


Laura Mercier isn’t a brand I’ve collected much of, full disclosure. I have had this Metallic Crème Color in Rose Gold n my collection for a bit, upon the recommendation of Michele IMG_2605over at Michele1218 {check out her blog and YT channel – you won’t regret it!}.   The best part about this little tube is that such a LITTLE BIT goes a long way – and I can either put a light bit on for a wash of colour or strategically place it to create a deeper crease look. I just use my hands to apply it, and it doesn’t really require any shadow on top to finish it; the product lasts all day. My preference, though, is a little of NARS Albatross over it – I use it to highlight my face, too! – to give a bright, subtle pink hue to my lids. Best part of this: it’s a squeeze tube, so it doesn’t attract bacteria like the plague. Justifies the price {somewhat} in my opinion.


Last but not least, is the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade in Dark Brown. I’veIMG_2601 revived this, and love it just as much as I did the first time. I use a MAC brush to apply it and get a sharp brow that frames my eyes perfectly. While it goes on dark, yes, I am able to easily blend the colour with a spooly before it sets. Once it sets, it’s on ALLLLLLL day. This is no joke, dolls. I can workout, wipe my face, sweat like hell and my brows are still goin’. That’s a HUGE plus for people like me with sparse brows. It’s touted as a waterproof product and let me tell you: it is. I love it. I didn’t think the harsh brow was my thing, nor is it still. I love that I can use this to create a brow that’s soft or hard – depends on my mood.   A little bit goes a long way – this little pot is well worth the investment and you can keep cream products clean – with sterilization and clean brushes, of course. This will never leave my arsenal for clients or for myself.


And now for the fail. {side note: I don’t have a pic, turns out I pitched it when I was tired of what it was doing to my lips!} I don’t like to say I hate products, I really don’t. I’m a beauty junkie through and through, and can often find the “silver lining” in products – generally through an alternate use. This product, however, I couldn’t find that lining; it wasn’t good for it’s intended use, nor could it work as a cuticle balm. Most of my go-to products for body and skin care are from L’Occitane. I just love everything they do. This lip balm sucked. I can’t even link to it ‘cause I don’t think they make it anymore, and rightly so. It dried out my lips and made them almost burn by the end of the day. Not only that, it made my lipstick bunch and almost chip off. I’m only speaking for this particular one, though I find it hard to believe any other formulation differs substantially. I believe some, if not all, of them are shea butter based. As long as the base is the same, I’m inclined to think they may all suck the big one. Disappointing from one of my fave brands.


What have you been loving for the month of February?  Comment below!









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