Beauty Blunders: Vol. 1

This post has taken me a few weeks to write, I’ll be honest.  I wanted to put some serious thought into it and offer some solutions alongside the blunders I named.  I’ve put together an initial {and ever changing – hence the title!} list of popular beauty blunders that I see on the daily.  If we all just work together, we can eradicate beauty blunders once face at a time!


#1:  Mismatched foundation on the face and neck

mismatchd foundation

Demi Lovato is always flawless but here?  Not so much.  Match yo’ foundation ladies!  {credit: Google Images}

We all want a little bronzey colour in the winter, especially us Canadian girls. BUT, by all means, do NOT buy a darker foundation and think this will do the trick. If anything, get a lighter foundation and warm up the glow with bronzer. When buying foundation, be sure to match it on your face, not your hand. Generally speaking, the chin or cheek is the best place, at least I find, to do so. Make sure it blends well with the face and the neck seamlessly – this may take some proper blending – to ensure a uniform application and colour tone.


#2: Visible lipliner

Over-lining is all the rage. I get it, and in fact, I do it myself daily. Here’s how to make it work: line the lips with the darker outline and smudge what you’ve just applied with your ring finger. This will maintain the colour and proper look of a more full lip that you’re going for without leaving a dark line when lipstick or gloss is applied. A bonus tip: fill-in your lips a bit with the same liner, just along the outline, before applying lipstick.


#3: Using the same shade or tone of concealer ALL over your face

If you do this, just stop.  Now.  Stop.   You should use a lighter toned concealer {generally with pink or yellow undertones, depending on the level of under-eye darkness} to conceal under eye circles and the formula should be a liquid, ideally.   You may opt to use a highlighting pen too for this same purpose. Some of my under eye faves include the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Corrector, MUFE Lift Concealer and the MAC Prep and Prime in Radiant Rose.


#4: Over-plucking or over-growing your brows

With brows, your natural shape and fullness is {generally speaking, of course} what you should stick with. Some people like myself have had


She’s beautiful, too.  Those brows could use a little grooming, if you ask me.  Brows are not on fleek {did I use that word properly?  I’m old and unsure}

an unfortunate loss of their natural brow hair due to illness, so I have to fill them in. However, I’m always careful to do so without over-filling them in and keeping them looking as natural as possible. The same can be said for over-growing your brows. I think that the big, caterpillar brow trend has mostly passed {I hope, at least…}, but those of you that have bigger, fuller {and beautiful just the same!} shaped brows don’t have to over accentuate them with a harsh line to make them look almost bigger than they are. With a fuller brow, I like to advise people to only pluck enough to emphasize the shape and skip filling them in. Sometimes what nature gave you simply looks the best!


#5: Disco-ball highlight

Another trend I love: highlighting. Without a doubt when it’s done properly, highlighting can transform the appearance of skin and create an ethereal glow that looks great on everyone. For highlighting to really look the way it should, and it takes practice. Whatever you do, don’t swoosh {the professional term!} it all over the face thinking you’ll look dewey and glowy {use a proper foundation for that or mix in a liquid highlight with your foundation tube}.  Instead, concentrate it where the light naturally hits your face: the top of the cheekbones, lightly across the brows, cupids bow and lightly along the nose. Stop here. No need for it to be on your chin, below your nose {looks like a little somethin’ somethin’ instead…}, around your lips and under your eyes. With highlighter, less is more, truly.



I think it’s best we do these in groups of five.  Y’know, kind of ease everyone into the process of beauty routine improvement.  These are the 5 I could think of off the top.  I’m sure I’ll come up with more.  There will be more to come, let’s be honest.  I did come up with a few others that I thought were worthy of note, but not necessarily a blunder of epic proportions:


Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 7.49.28 PM


What are some of your no-go beauty trends?  Sound off in the comments below!



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