Dupe Alert: Beauty Bargain?

OK – I had to pop on and post this – DUPE ALERT!

As you all know, I love Charlotte Tilbury products, namely my beloved lippie in Bitch Perfect {can we have a moment for the name and just how fitting it is for me?!}.  The price, while not IMG_4097exorbitant, is a little steep for something I use daily and would likely go through quicker than most high end products I may spend a little more on {YSL foundation, anyone?!}.  So as usual, in the pursuit of a bargain, I went to my go-to drugstore brand: NYX.

I’ve been mixing these two lippies together and it’s made a really nice alternative to the CT colour in terms of both texture and colour.  I always apply the lighter shade, Candy Buttons, first and then follow with the slightly darker shade, Pops.


Here’s a swatch of them both; CT is on top:

IMG_4092 2

You can see that CT does pull slightly more peachy but they’re still really close! {I’m sure if I put a couple of layers of the Candy Buttons and then a light swipe of Pops it may be a better reflection of just how close they are – my hand doesn’t do it justice the way a lip would!}.

In terms of staying power, the two are almost identical, and longevity? That’s great too.  The NYX Butter Lipsticks keep my lips moisturized for about 3 hours {yes, I timed it} and the texture is divine, very similar to the CT lippie.  The price on the NYX lipsticks – depending on where you purchase, of course – is roughly $9.99CAD each.  So, for this particular look, the total dupe price is just over half thIMG_4098e cost {pre-tax, of course} of ONE of my Bitch Perfect tubes.

Don’t get me wrong, this colour combo won’t be replacing Bitch Perfect in my collection, not by any stretch of the imagination.  Rather, I’ll be using these two on the daily and will save Bitch Perfect or special occasions or clients, ’cause that’s how I roll.

Side note:  I really love the shade Pops on it’s own.  I may grab one or two to keep at my desk and in my handbag next time I see them!




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