Top 10 High End Faves

This is a post I’ve been working on for a while.  I’ve got such a vast makeup collection that you would think it’s hard to narrow it down to just 10 faves in each respective category.  Let me tell you:  it’s not as hard as you think.

Before I could objectively analyze my collection for just what 10 products I couldn’t live without in the “high end” category, I needed to set some criteria by which I could empirically classify a product as a fave.  Here’s what I came up with and the two rules are rather simple:


  • It isn’t available in a drugstore and can only be purchased online, in department stores or, of course, my beloved Sephora {Caveat: there may be some drugstores with “high end” counters.  Those don’t count.  I mean that it’s not available in the drugstore makeup aisle or on an end cap}


  • The price is over what your average person {read: NOT a Kardashian!} would deem to be a reasonable cost for an item of similar size and function readily available in stores


Let’s get into the good stuff, shall we?


10.)  Marc Jacobs Liners. 

I’ve posted about these babies before and I just LOVE their eyeliners {ok, the lipliners too!}.  I’m gutted I missed out on the Christmas set of minis; they seemed to be sold out every time I looked in store or online.  These retail for $31 CAD and are worth every penny.  I have found them cheaper at Winners {the Canadian equivalent of TJ MAXX} which makes the price slightly more palatable.  They glide on flawlessly like a gel but with the ease of a pencil.  Easy to smudge at first if you want to, they dry to a gorgeous line and stay put all day.  They’re great on the waterline or on the lashline.


9.)  Nars Velvet Lip Pencils 

Similar drugstore products don’t hold a candle to these.  That’s just the way it is.  These glide on and stay on.  You can layer them, wear them alone, or wear them with a gloss.  Though the retail price point does seem a bit high for a pencil, keep in mind the longevity of the colour; you won’t be re-applying all day and using up your precious product.  The matte formula is a bit drier, but I still love them.  These pencils are quick to sharpen and are super travel friendly.  I have to limit myself in terms of colours due to the price, but I’m building quite a much loved collection with no regrets!


8.)  Origins VitaZing

I think I’ve talked about this before.  To me, it’s similar to a BB cream in the light colour origins“blur” it gives the skin.  It keeps the skin clear and has a light SPF to it.  This stuff is expensive for a face cream, or at least I think so, at $45 CAD.  BUT – for someone like me that doesn’t relly need a BB or CC cream {bitch, I know…} it’s a great alternative in the winter when my skin is slightly drier and could really use the pick-me-up this product provides.  What’s not to love?




7.)  Aveda Air Control Hairspray

$28 for hairspray.  You think I’m cray, no?  I kind of am.  In fact, I couldn’t initially justify the price on this so I long chased a viable drugstore dupe to no avail.  This holds well and goes on dry so it doesn’t leave a grease trail behind.  Oh and the smell.  It’s just divine.  The smell lasts all day too which is a HUGE PLUS when you work long days like I do.


6.)  Burberry Lip and Cheek Bloom

These, dolls, are worth the $33 price tag.  The colour can be applied either with fingers or a brush {tip: I found a brush gives a bit of a lighter, more BURBERRY-LIP-CHEEK-BLOOMnatural application} and seems to work universally on cheeks and lips.  I’ve been using this almost daily for the last couple of months – I only do have 2 in my collection – and it dries to almost a powder finish.  I don’t need to top them with a powder to get them to stay, nor do I have to vigorously blend them to make the colour somewhat natural.  Full disclosure: I didn’t like these at first but now they’re a high end staple!


5.)  Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick in Bitch Perfect

If you missed my post on all things Charlotte, click here. While all of her colours blend seamlessly onto the lips and last a while, this particular shade is my most perfect nude and is almost universally flattering to a variety of skin tones.  It doesn’t last all day – that’s not what it’s supposed to do – but for a lipstick?  This stuff is unparalleled in terms of lasting power coupled with lasting moisture.  A winning combo if you ask me!  The shade is also so perfect that it can be easily changed with just a lipliner or even one of my Nars pencil faves.


4.) BECCA Highlighter in Champagne Pop

What I’m about to say could go for any and all BECCA highlighters I’ve tried, but Champagne Pop is just so dang good I had to give it a shout out!  It does just what the name suggests: gives a pop of shimmer wherever you place it {but it can go from zero to disco ball super quick if you aren’t careful}.  The package is sleek and feels oh so high end, and packs easily for travel or taking on the go with you.  The shimmer gives you a glow that catches when the light hits it juuuuuuuuuuust right.  I don’t see this wearing off throughout the day either; that can be a problem with some light shimmers or powder products.  This is sold out on Sephora’s site currently, but I’ve seen it stocked in stores.


3.)  UD All Nighter Setting Spray

This is a stUDaple in my collection.  I have small ones, medium ones, and full sized ones for any travel or beauty emergency that may come my way.  I won’t apply makeup without finishing with this either on myself or anyone else.  I do believe this comes in a variety of finishes for varying skin types, however this particular one seems to work well for most people and especially me, of course!  It’s expensive for a spray at over $30, but I don’t know of anything else that works this well.  I believe I only go through 2 a year, so it’s not a bad cost when you factor it out {isn’t that how allllll shopaholics rationalize a purchase?!?} and you can save some dollaz if you get a tube or 3 on sale when Sephora gives us VIB’s 20% off.


2.)  Too Faced Primed and Poreless

Let me preface this by saying that I’m not a primer expert by any stretch.  I’ve tried a few on the market – at various price points – and nothing seems to work quite like this.  I find it keeps oil at bay when I use it {a huge plus in my books} and gives the skin a flawless, almost airbrushed finish.  When I use this, it keeps my foundation looking flawless and keeps my makeup on until I take it off.  A bonus: the airbrush finish it gives my skin is before applying any sort of foundation, so I have to use less of that whenever I use my Primed and Poreless!


Last but not least…….my all time #1 can’t beat it must have it don’t care the price just give it to me product:


1.)    YSL Tient Touch Eclat Foundation

Nothing.  I repeat.  Nothing gives skin a finish quite like this.  It’s the perfect amount of coverage and just the right amount of dewiness.  When I first tried this, I was a little skeptical given my underwhelming opinion {with both the price and the delivery} of the Touche Eclat stick.   I had no reason to be a skeptic.  This stuff delivers.  I can apply it on a variety of skin tones – even oily! – and it gives that highly sought after “your skin but better” finish.  It can easily be applied with fingers to warm up the product and lightly smooth it over the skin, or with a foundation brush for a heavier application.  I even have been known to mix a drop in with a Cetaphil moisturizer to create the perfect tinted moisturizer shade.  This foundation lasts all day and photographs well.  It can be set with a light YSLpowder and bronzer, but doesn’t need one if you’re just putting a light dusting of the foundation on.  It’s never cakey – even after being on all day – and doesn’t settle in fine lines or other imperfections we just don’t want to accentuate!   The only downside is a lack of SPF which can easily be solved with a variety of wonderful, lightweight SPF products on the market.  This comes in a variety of colours and varied undertones, another plus for those of us working with more than one client.   It’s got a hefty pricepoint at $64 CAD, but again, wait for the 20% off sale!  It looks like the foundation has been reformulated to provide some advanced skincare benefits — just when I thought the best couldn’t improve, YSL out-does itself.



What are your top high end faves??  Sound off below!






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