“Trends” for 2016

The countour/highlight/baking craze.  The coconut {or argan} oil train.  Barbed stiletto nails.  With the exception of the latter, I hope all of these trends will carry over to 2016.  Ain’t nobody lookin’ profesh and put together with stiletto nails…just sayin’.

I recently read this article over at the website HQ of girly lifestyle, beauty and all things pretty, Cosmopolitan magazine.   It would seem only some of my wishes will come true.  I can’t help but write this post.  What is coming in the world of beauty?  I’m terrified.  Really.  Terrified.

I’m having a hard time getting on the glitter trend.  Sorry, but no.  As an adult?  Eff no.  I danced for years – no, not that kind of dancing – the recital heavy makeup bordering on Toddlers in Tiaras kind of dancing, and thus am no stranger to a little glitter.  I also like glitter on my Christmas ornaments and any and all miscellaneous residential décor.  I occasionally like glitter in my regular décor, on a birthday card, a special occasion outfit, or even an accessory.  On my face?  No.  Would I recommend it to clients?  Depends on the venue, of course, but generally speaking: no.  I am going to really, really balk this trend as long as possible.

Accessorizing hair.  The girls pictured here look a little ridiculous.  I say that hair should not be regularly adorned.  Like all great statement accessories, there’s a place and time.  Like a wedding.  Otherwise, keep accessories to a minimum.

Along those same lines, we come to braids and twists.  I like me a good braid, and I certainly have my hair in a ponytail at least once a week {not for fashion, just lazy over here…}, but I feel those hair styles can look messy and are most certainly not {ok are generally not} something you would see in a corporate boardroom or bustling city office.  Besides, a twist can come untwisted rather easily and make for some real weird rest-of-the-day hair if you can’t fix it properly, amiright?

Brushed up brows.  I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again: the caterpillar brow trend needs to die.  I think that a well groomed brow framing the eyes looks the best on anyone.  If your brows are naturally thicker, no problem, just softly shape them and keep them trimmed to compliment the frame around your eyes.  Same goes for thin brows like mine: fill them in, but don’t over-fill so they look painted on {yet another trend I will not follow.  Never.  Nope.  No how}.  Least of all, don’t ever let your brows grow and fluff them up.  Just don’t.  You’ll thank me later.

I think I’ve noted before that I get my nails done {drop me a line below if you want a referral to the best nails in the city} and almost always go for a French mani.  I’m happy to see the French manicure pop up on this list, but done with wonky tips?  Come on.  That’s just bona-fide nail art and doesn’t have a place on my paws.

Clearly I’m a minimalist in terms of appearance.  I like makeup, yes, but try to limit heavy makeup on myself and clients, keep accessories to classic pieces only, and like to present a professional appearance.   I prefer classics across the board – from clothing and accessories right down to appearance, I guess.

It would seem I’m about half on board with what Cosmo suggests will be our biggest beauty trends for the next 12 {ish} months.  Most of these scream “trend” and “attention” to me…both things I’m kind of afraid of.  Again, I’m a classic {not like old, antique-y classic – the good kind} and keep to what I know works and what’s been trendy through the ages.

It’ll be an interesting year of beauty, that’s for sure!




One thought on ““Trends” for 2016

  1. I’m not against the claw nails and glitter in moderation, but the caterpillar brow look is an abomination!! I absolutely cannot get past it and will never do my brows that way. I see so many pretty girls literally ruining their faces and makeup with this trend! But to each their own….xo J

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