What’s in My Purse Makeup Bag?

I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a voyeur.  No, not the pervy kind.  I’m a voyeur for what’s in the bags and wallets of almost anyone.  Since this is a beauty blog {for the most part}, I thought I’d share what’s in my makeup/emergency bag I carry in my purse on the daily.


Let’s start with the boring stuff:

Miscellaneous bag of emergency goodies

IIMG_3815f you want a separate post on what’s in here, I’m happy to do it, but it’s along the lines of bandaids, Shout wipes, emergency deodorant towelettes, etc.  Nothing inneresting, but necessary all the same.


Kleenex and a nail file

Self explanatory.  I get my nails did on the regular, but IMG_3822you never know.

Cleaning cloth, notebook, ColdFx, Breath mints

Upon a raving recco from Jen over at Pretty Neat Living I purchased the Toddy cloth to keep in my bag.  It keeps my phone clean, glasses {vision and sunglasses just the same} clean, iPad, laptop…you get the picture.  This helps tremendously since I don’t keep cases for either of my glasses in my purse.

My teeny tiny notebook is from Moleskine and it’s come in handy a few times if I need to write something down or need a slice {yes, a slice} of scrap paper.  In fact, I just used it to write down the name of an appliance repair person {oh the joys of adulthood and home ownership}.

ColdFX  – I live in Canada and it gets cold here, though this winter has been uncharacteristically mild.  Still, there always seems to be a bug going ’round my office.  These help in a pinch.

IMG_3818I love mini Altoids, namely in the cinnamon flavour.  They’re SOOOOO hard to find in Canada, and when I do, they’re crazy expensive.  I’m sure to stock up every time I go to the US.  I’m not much of a gum chewer, so these are great for my {occasionally} raunchy breath.

Miscellaneous bobby pin, safety pins, hair tie, hair clip, Sharpie, Wisp

All of these are pretty self explanatory, however I’m unsure why I only have 1 singular bobby pin and a multitude of safety pins.  They’ve come in handy a few times.   Hair tie and clip – I have hair down to my mid-back that’s super thick and sometimes I need to tie it up – I’m sure this is in most ladies’ bagIMG_3817s!

I’ve got a Sharpie in here {in addition to my regular pen!} ’cause I can only write on my business cards in Sharpie.  Plus, you never know when you’ll need a black marker, right?  RIGHT?

Colgate Wisp – this is great if you stay out late and decide to sleep at a “friend’s place” or if you’re at work and there’s a garlic taste in yo’ mouth that just won’t budge.  Again, these aren’t easy to find in Canada; in fact, I don’t think they’re available at all.  I simply stock up on these, Altoids, and Shout Wipes when I’m in the US {bonus points if you can guess my fave US store chain!}.


Now for the good shizzzzz – the beauty products: 

Hair brush, Sephora travel lash curler, mini brushes

Hair brush is relatively straightforward, but a must for someone with long hair and has come in handy frequently.

The Sephora lash curler isn’t the best, but it’s great on the go.  I have super straight lashes, and if I’m throwing on some makeup or doing a touch-up, giving them a curl really helps the overall look for me.

These mini brushes have come from gift with purchase sets or in a Sephora point perk package.  I keep these in here just for touIMG_3819chups or to create a look using some of the makeup products posted below.


Mirrors {wtf}, Fresh lip treatment and tint, and mini perfumes

Not sure why I have two mirrors in here.  I have to fix that.  One is from a YSL gift set and the other is the flat one from MAC that can be found here.  It’s really small and light and fits well in almost any sized bag.

Y’all know what a fan I am of Fresh lip stuff. I have a regular treatment in here and a tinted treatment.  You could say I’m obsessed, but this way I have regular chapstick for those times when you JUST need it, and the tinted one to add a pop of colour.

Mini perfumes come in handy if I forget to put it on in the morning or I just need to freshen up {don’t make like that’s never happened to you.  Keepin’ it real over here!}.  I’ve got Chanel Mademoiselle, a fragrance I’ve worn since high school, and Henri Bendel Suite 712, incase you were wondering.

Urban Decay lipstick and Chanel Glossimer mini

These are the two cutest products.  I can’t really bring myself to use the Glossimer {I posted on Insta when I got this, the cutest sample EVER, folloIMG_3820w me:  here}  but I’m sure the day will come when I need it.  For when that day comes, I’ll be ready, but until then, it’s the chicest, cutest little Chanel product ever that will live in my makeup bag!

UD lippie in Naked {I think…font is really small and I’m not sure if that’s the proper colour}. I’ve worn this a few times and I like it.  It’s a great neutral and in a pinch works as a cheek tint!

Face cream, concealer, mascara, brow stuff and a liner

I keep a sample size of Cetaphil in my makeup bag.  I don’t generally use Cetaphil daily, however this has an spf of 50 in it and it’s known to be a non-irritant, so I think it’ll work should I ever need it.

I love this concealer.  It’s a treatment concealer from Shoppers Drug Mart and is from their proprietary Life brand.  These were on sale lately, so I certainly hope they’re not being discontinued. They provide good coverage and from what I can see, the treatment actually works.


This Urban Decay Perversion mascara is great.  I can’t justify the price when Maybelline does such an awesome job at a fraction of the cost, but this sample was free and I’ll take full advantage of the benefits when I need a touchup.

Anastasia Brow Wiz – y’all know this is holy grail status.  Not just for me, but the beauty community in general.  I have to have one in my purse.  My brows are sparse and filling them in just makes me look a little more put together and of course, exude confidence throughout the day!

Nars Larger than Life Longwear Liner in Via Vento. These aren’t my fave eyeliners {if you want a post on my fave lashline/waterline liners, comment below and let me know!}, but they’re not the worst either.  I certiainly don’t think they’re worth the price, but this little sample size – from Sephora, I think – is a great add to my on the go makeup bag should I need to touch up or amp up a look for a long night out.

I noticed I’m missing a few things in here, actually.  I guess they’ve been moved around a few times and need to find their way back in here!:

  • L’Occitane hand cream – I usually like the Cherry Blossom one, but any will do
  • Advil/Tylenol – this is a staple in almost every handbag, not sure why it’s removed itself from mine!
  • Mini Beauty Blender – I’ve made a post on these before and use them to {successfully} blot oil in a pinch
  • Cheek colour – must have in the winter months around here. I look like Voldemort.
  • My hand sanitizer is on the d-ring in my bag, but if I don’t have somewhere to attach it to, it would be kept in this handy dandy kit.




What’s in your bag?!???!  Do a girl a solid and let me know below!  Better yet, post it on Instagram and tag me!









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