Product Rave: Aveda Scalp Benefits Conditioner

I just had to pop on and rave a little.  I’ve been using this stuff for the last couple of weeks and I’m in love.  L.O.V.E.

TMI: I get a dry scalp in the winter.  Ok, maybe it’s not TMI, ’cause I’m thinkin’ most people do too.  This year, I’ve given up dying my hair {I’m turning 30 tomorrow and don’t have a single gray hair…I should embrace it!} and am worried my scalp is going to be all wonky as it’s always been in the past.  I decided I’d better get out ahead of it this year.

IMG_0049Where do I go when I have a hair issue and want something that works, smells great, and doesn’t coat my hair in parabens and silicones?  Aveda.  That’s where.  Why don’t I go all the time?  I have looooooooong hair {it’s down to my mid-back} and I go through hair products like it’s going out of style, namely conditioner.  I just can’t rationalize spending tons of cash on expensive shampoo when there are some viable alternatives at the drug store I can easily swap in with the more expensive Aveda and Abba products I prefer.

Back to the reason I popped on here: to rave about the Aveda Scalp Benefits Balancing Conditioner.  The Aveda site details the product to be a daily {say wha??} formula that nourishes and balances all scalp types to:


  • hydrate the hair
  • soothe the scalp
  • create the ideal foundation for healthy hair

It’s super easy to use by massage into the scalp {scalp?  what? for real?} and hair after shampooing.  Then, simply rinse itoff like a regular conditioner.

I know what you’re thinking – her hair must be a major grease ball.  Guess what?  I thought the same thing.  I was hugely skeptical when I purchased the product.  However, Aveda will let you return anything you don’t like – even if you’ve used it – so I thought there wasn’t much to lose.  It retails for $21 pre-tax, so you’re shelling out some significant dough.


This shit works.  It gets a rave review from me.  No greasiness, my hair isn’t weighed down, and it’s super easy to style.  Most importantly? No dandruff.

If you’ve got the winter dries, pick this up.  Go.  Run.  Leave now.  Get it.








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