October Ipsy “Review”

First of all, apologies for the gap between posts.  My personal life{ok, my day job} has been beyond chaotic.  Nevertheless, I’m baaaaaaaaack!  You’re also prolly wondering why I’ve got “review” in quotes in the title.  The reason is simple: the October bag was so crappy shit that I don’t think it merits the time spent or space on my blog for a full review.

The lipstick that came with it – yet another product from The Balm – was ok, but super drying.  It also came with a rather tacky gold shimmer, creamy-but-not sort of a shadow from Mica Beauty.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to see them supporting a Canadian company, however, the product isn’t the best. Ipsy, try it out before you charge me, would ya?  I can’t even find a link to the direct shadow on their website, so it leads me to believe that it’s discontinued or I’m just a ditz.  Hopefully I’m wrong and it’s the latter of the two.

There was the inclusion of what I think was a full sized Delectable Nourishing Hand Cream, which retails for $12.  So while I have enough hand cream to moisturize the entire city of Toronto, this at least covers over half the cost of the bag.


The bag also included a brow pencil with a handy spooly on the end.  Now, had they sent me the proper shade {did I do that whole survey thing on my complexion ‘n stuff just for shits and giggles….or…..??}, this may have worked for me.  Alas, they sent me a light blonde shade that just doesn’t work.  I will most likely be gifting this one to a friend.

I have to say: Ipsy is consistently missing the boat.  The bags are getting repetitive and are lacking interesting products, not to mention the fact that they’re sending me shades that aren’t even something I could use.  I’m so far 1/3 for the last 3 months and am considering a new subscription service come the new year.

Sound off in the comments below.  How was your Ipsy bag?  If you’ve got another subscription you think I’d love, help a girl out!



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