Mid-Week Random Q’s

I hope you all liked my first Q&A post.  These posts are a fun way for you to get to know me, and for me to {hopefully} get to know some of my followers.

Karen posts these polls each Monday, and while I won’t follow suit each week, I’ll throw a few of these in here and there to split up the bloggity beauty goodness {I made that up.  Can you tell?}.  Check out Karen’s site here for some insanely helpful and detailed reviews alongside her weekly polls.  Let’s get on with the good stuff now, shall we?

1.    Are you more polished or punk rock? 

Polished. 110% polished all the way. I odn’t knock those who like a little punk rock {I have a little edge to me, too! A few piercings and 9 tattoos!}, but my personal style is most certainly polished.

2.   Houndstooth or Leopard Print? 

If I could turn almost everything I own to have a leopard print pattern on it, I would. I guess that shows you my preference, huh? I have leopard print shoes, I’m currently wearing leopard slippers. I have no less than 4 leopard scarves, and am currently on the hunt for leopard print Nikes {if you know where to get those, help a girl out in the comments}. I also have a leopard print serving dish and a leopard print hairbrush. I also try to incorporate leopard in to my VERY conservative corporate wardrobe. It’s a problem.

3.   Bun or braids?

I like both, but tend to sway to the side of a bun. I’m not a fan of the man bun, {give me back my hairstyle, Jared Leto. I had it first} but on me? I like ‘em messy or swept up in a chignon, in a sock bun or a low bun.   Personally, I have my hair in a bun lots in the summer because my long, thick hair makes my neck hot!

4.  Last time you wore false lashes?

 Oh god, I can’t even remember. I’ve been blessed with some pretty sweet a** lashes {thanks, Mom!}, so I don’t often find I need them to glam up a look; a black, volumizing mascara will do the trick. I don’t particularly like wearing them either. I find the glue makes my eyes watery and itchy. Does anyone else have that problem?

5.  Something that made you laugh over the weekend?

This past weekend was the Labour Day weekend here in Canada, and we were at the cottage, basking in the sun on the last official weekend of summer. There were some awesome tunes, a dock full of 20-somethings and an over-flowing beer cooler. Need I say more? Everything made me laugh. Just everything.



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